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Quinn Higgins


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Jan 13 2016, 12:46 AM
[doHTML]<center><link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
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<img src="">
<div style="width: 440px; background-color: #eaeaea; display: block; padding: 7px 5px 5px 5px; font-family: simonetta; font-size: 12px; letter-spacing: 2px; text-transform: uppercase; color: #555555;">A myriad of bright ideas.</div>
<div style="width: 450px; display: block; background-color: #eaeaea; padding: 5px 0px 5px 0px;"><div style="border-bottom: 1px dotted #222222; border-top: 1px dotted #222222; width: 420px; padding: 5px 10px 5px 10px; background-color: #ffffff; text-align: justify; font-size: 10px; font-family: Helvetica; line-height: 110%; color: #000000;">[/doHTML]

It had been a couple of days since the return of Yuu. Quinn was persistent on him staying at the Rufner mansion, but also was pretty adamant on staying home all of the time. He had pulled the warlock into long marathons of SVU that lasted all day but they didn't actually really do anything. He didn't actually do much in terms of getting too close to him. He just continued his daily life but this time also with an old friend that he once had a thing for when he was much smaller and significantly less hairy.

And today he expected it to be the same. He woke up as slowly as usual, getting up from the bed of the guest room that he had pretty much rarely slept in, typically favoring the couch. He hovered tiredly into the bathroom, doing his usual morning routine which including brushing his teeth and falling all over himself. It was noon already, so the rest of the house was already up and doing things. Roman and his sister were gone, doing whatever it was they did. Murdering people, probably. The dogs were being taken care of by the help. The rest of them cleaning and straightening all of the things that Quinn moved slightly in an attempt to annoy Roman.

He floated through the door, going through the wall and going back to the guest room so he could change out of his pajamas and in to jeans. He didn't usually opt for pants, just being the sort of guy who could happily sit around in his pajamas until the day he died. But for the past couple of days he had been changing his clothes appropriately. He didn't exactly know WHY, but he felt like he had to so he just did.

He crossroads demon yawned, stretching his arms before leaning back into a laying down position while still levitating. He folded his hands behind his head as he floated back through another wall and into the livingroom where he gently floated back down onto the couch where his body has left an indent that will probably be there long after he is gone. The tv flipped on, the sounds of Jersey Shore filling the room. This was it. This was going to be his day. And it was going to be a great one.

He had briefly thought about going to the store or something, but decided against it. Whatever he needed he could send Roman out for. Or, rather, trick him in to coming home with it next time he did go to the store. So he didn't really have any actual plans for the day other than eventually getting something to eat at some point. There was certainly a lot of meat sitting around that he could make use of. But also Roselyn had been kind enough to give him a pretty hefty stock of ramen noodles.

She was so nice about him being here. She returned after being gone or something and, unlike Roman, didn't mind his precense at all. In fact a couple of times they had snuggled up and eaten popcorn and ice cream while watching several romantic comedies. She would complain about how she couldn't do that with Roman because he would always just default to reading books. But Quinn? No. Quiggins was born for this. He was down for watching ever romantic comedy that has been released in the last twenty years. He could watch anything that has been made since his birth and he would be all about it.

Not that he was exactly against doing other things, but it was never part of his own plan. Sometimes he would wander into the streets of Cromer to make a deal with some low-life or two, maybe drink a little. But it usually wasn't part of his plan. Usually his plan was right here, and he was perfectly content with just that.

His tail wrapped around his leg as he settled into the couch. Losing himself in the noise of Geico commercials, just letting himself become part of the furniture. Not paying much attention to what was going on around him, other than keeping himself from being able to be seen by the help that were moving about the mansion. Though the steered clear of the room any way. One old man, some really supersticious fellow, could feel him in there. Would make a big deal about the 'dark energy' in the room. And it freaked a lot of the others out. So they actually actively avoided this room in particular. He didn't know why that was, but who was he to complain? Maybe he smelled bad or something. He shouldn't, though. He showered pretty regularly.

<div style="width: 440px; background-color: #222222; display: block; padding: 5px; font-family: simonetta; font-size: 7px; letter-spacing: 3px; text-transform: uppercase; color: #666666;">TAG: Yuudai Carver | WORDS: 793 | NOTE(S): --- | <a href="" title="Will Graham">?</a></div></div>
Dec 1 2015, 02:53 PM
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<div class="skapp1c" style="color: #4F2F4F;">Quinn Higgins</div>
<div class="skapp1d">Twenty-six | Male (He/Him) | Demon</div></div>
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<div class="skapp1f">


</html> 6 ft 1 in<br><br>

Body Type<br><br>

</html> Muscular<br><br>

<!DOCTYPE html>

Physical Description<br><br>

</html> Quinn is a moderately sized demon, though muscular, he isn't particularly tall or overtaking. He has sharpened canines on the top and bottom of his mouth as well as thick white dog like claws instead of finger and toe nails. His eyes are hazel and his hair jet black. He is usually sporting some stubble, very lazy about shaving. He has a tail, long and reptilian that is jet black and scaled, the scales following up his spine but not covering his back. Just his tail and tapering up his spine. Tail is often wrapped around one of his legs under his pants.<br><br>


</html> Quinn dresses rather simply, not caring so much about how he appears so he doesn't really try too hard to keep a very consistent look. One day he could be wearing plain blue jeans and a plaid button up and the next he can be wearing tighter black jeans and a leather jacket. He has occassionally been seen to wear suits but it isn't usually at formal events.<br><br>


</html> Wears <a href="">This necklace</a>, usually under his shirt.<br><br>


</html> Crossroads demon (Crossroads demons are entities that make formal agreements or bargains with humans, granting any wish in exchange for claiming their life and soul at a fixed point in the future. Is particular about signing contracts) Otherwise doesn't need to work, really, though occasionally works at haunted houses and at various theme parks during October where he primarily just scares people. Does not do this for money, but rather for fun.<br><br>

Living Arrangements<br><br>

</html> Doesn't really live anywhere, a bit of a vagrant. Though he has been spending a lot of his time in Roman's house. It is implied that he has a home somewhere in the depths of hell itself but appears to never go there nor does he really speak of it. <br><br>


-Tv and movies<br><br>
-Mountain Dew<br><br>
-Ramen Noodles and mochi<br><br>
-Raw meats<br><br>
-Good Irish Alternative music<br><br>
-Subtle colors<br><br>
-Scaring people <br><br>


-Large bodies of water<br><br>
-Studio apartments<br><br>
-Being told to do something<br><br>
-Being ignored<br><br>
-Anytime in which he is being even slightly rushed<br><br>
-Chocolate and most candies and sweets (Finds them completely repulsive)<br><br>
-Anything bitter or sour<br><br>
-Cooked meats<br><br>
-The hyper-sexualization of demon folk<br><br>


</html> Quinn isn't your traditional offensive player and despite his incredible physique he doesn't actually usually rely on physical combat to solve any of his problems. Most demons are all fire and claws but he has always been more of a smoke and mirrors type himself. He is more about tricks and deception to win a fight and has a few handy tricks up his sleeve for in case the moment gets too heated and he needs a way out.<br><br>
Smoke - Quinn is able to exhale large amounts of smoke without any sort of source whatsoever. There seems to be no real limit of how much he can exhale. It is mostly used as a way of hiding himself, so it is a very thick black smoke. It is his go to defense mechanism.<br><br>
Body replication - He is also able to replicate his physical form but it is just an illusion and only one of him is capable of having mass. Though he can, at any point, switch places with one of these doubles. He only seems capable of making four copies of himself total. <br><br>
Illusions - He is also capable of making himself appear as other things, but this is only an illusion as the parts that art not of his own body are unable to have mass. He can separate these images from himself and can create, again, up to four of them. Five if, of course, he does it to himself as well. <br><br>
Temporary body modifications - He can alter things about his appearance for short periods in order to make himself seem more threatening, mostly used in giving himself red eyes. But can be an extension of claws or canines (which are already sharpened). These are not illusions and do have mass but are very temporary and the longest he has ever held one of these mods was 30 minutes. Though that is also unlikely. It is more often about five minutes. Usually mostly used to intimidate rather than give him an advantage in a fight.<br><br>
Intangibility - Quinn uses this more than anything if not mostly for fun but he is able to change how tangible he is as if he had a slider. He is able to go from fully tangible, to fully intangible, and anything in between. <br><br>
Selective appearance - Quinn can decide who can see him and who cannot, and he can change this at any time. He spends a lot of his time being exclusively visible by Roman. <br><br>
Controlled levitation - He can only levitate himself and small items within a foot of himself. nothing heavier hand a half gallon of milk and nothing further away than a foot of him. No exceptions.<br><br>
Regeneration - Able to regenerate anything that has been changed or removed from his body.<br><br>
Pain empowerment - Gets energy from his own pain or the pain of others around him. Seems to be what fuels his magics.<br><br>
Blight - The pendent that Quinn wears under his shirt is his last resort offensively. If he can't overtake them with tricks or his regular physical strength than he has a one time use option. If activated and thrown at somebody this pendent will rapidly rot them from the inside out. He only has one shot to use it, and after that the item becomes completely useless. He doesn't know if he will ever get that magic back again, so he has never actually considered using it. He personally has no idea it does any of this. All he knows is that it will kill one person immediately and once he uses it, it is gone. <br><br>


</html> Quinn is a pretty easy going dude, not really caring what other people think of him in the slightest. He seems to get a lot of enjoyment from being absolutely annoying. He isn't afraid to speak his mind and do whatever he wants, even if other people are bothered by it. He will sleep where he wants, he will eat what he wants, he will say what he wants. And boy does he say what he wants. He speaks with a thick Irish accent but he often is using it to say something gross or somehow derogatory. He curses a lot and lacks any sort of filter. Nothing is too far for him. <br><br>

He isn't that much of a group type, but he is usually around somebody. He doesn't spend pretty much any of his time alone. He tends to get mad if he doesn't get some sort of attention, so if he spends time alone he just watches tv or movies. Eventually seeking somebody out. And if somebody ignores him, he will bother you until you can't. He can be very persistent about what he wants, and can be very persuasive if he needs to be.<br><br>

Quinn isn't terribly malicious, though. He is a trickster, always playing some sort of game. And despite the fact he thrives off of pain, the way he fights people isn't exactly what you would expect. He gets his kicks being obviously resistant to their attempts to cause him harm. Fighting to him is a game. <br><br>

Despite his physique, Quinn is actually surprisingly lazy. He spends a lot of time floating around and eating junk food, watching tv and movies as much as he can. He is keeps up with as many tv shows as he can at a time, being that sort of guy who has seen any movie you could think of. He prefers to let other people do his work for him, actually being a rather terrible crossroads demon. Usually avoiding his duties unless it is convenient for him.<br><br>


<div class="skapp1g">LOKI - 22 - CENTRAL - PM</div>

<div class="skapp1h"><a href="">SUMMER</a></div>
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