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 Posted: Mar 31 2016, 08:09 PM

There a few things coming up that I think everyone needs to know about!

1 - The member groups are going to be fewer but the same number of species will be available. If you have questions about that, post them here.

2 - Membergroup colors are changing to match the board a little more. If you have suggestions, PLEASE toss them here. We could use the help and input. That doesn't mean we are guaranteed to use it, but we do appreciate the ideas.

3 - Staff have busy lives. You say 'yeah of course' but each of us is juggling a lot. There is one open position for a MODERATOR who would be part of the admin conversations, help advertise, and pull people in. You'd be a valued member of staff but wouldn't make any html/css/javascript changes. Just PM an admin if you do not want to post it here.
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