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Location: Neath
Born: 3 October 1994
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alias: Seasalt
player age: 31
player pronouns: Female
Character age: Thirty
occupation.: Nurse
relationship status: Single
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Alaric Mason


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Nov 22 2015, 05:51 PM
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<div class="skapp1c" style="color: #68838B;">Alaric Mason</div>
<div class="skapp1d">Thirty Years Old | Male | Werewolf</div></div>
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FULL NAME: Alaric Liam Mason
<br>ALIASES: Alaric... Liam... Mason...
<br>AGE: 30yrs
<br>GENDER: Male
<br>BIRTHDAY: 3rd November 1984
<br>PLAYBY: Matt Davis
HAIR: Light Brown
<br>EYES: Mismatched eyes {left: blue | right: green}
<br>PHYSIQUE: Alaric is very muscular in appearance with broad shoulders.
<br>HEIGHT: 6'0
<br>METAL & INK: A silver ring on his left index finger {he is married] and rolax watch on his right wrist
<br>DISTINGUISHING FEATURE(S): Well clean close shave, facial hair on his face, and his usual mis-matched eyes
<br>Alaric is very tall and well groomed man. He takes pride in appearance and make sure everything is tidy before he goes anywhere. His hair is gernally longish for man, but he spikes it up to make it more manageable, and keep him clean looking as well. His skin isn’t tan or pale, it natural for him without any scars on his body and he wants to keep it that way. His clothing isn’t much and it more often a navy coloured jeans with a black belt, with a white or sometimes black shirt. Over his shirt he always has his back leather jacket and black leather shoes. While he is working though, he is green like scrubs, and with the hospital logo on the left breast side pocket, just for his preference and to show he is actually working.
Alaric is sweet and very loyal gentlemen once you get pass the cold shoulder and work for his friendship. he wasn’t all this cautious, it was since he was attacked by his boyfriend (as in friend/not lovers) made him wary of people. Even with these problems he still act very professional with his work, and do his best to help his own patients and to avoid being one himself.
Alaric loves his drink, and spending his free time (when able to) alone drinking. He normally goes to the nearest bar and drinks his sorrows, but now since he moved and working, hell do this in his own room, or in secret while he is working. Despite having a drink here and there, Alaric isn’t an alcoholic though. Due to very little sleep (though he doesn't show it) Alaric is mostly a grump git and luckily to snap at anyone who comes into his path for no reason.
Alaric is very skittish and always looks behind him to prevent him being surprised and jumped on by a stranger and attacked again. With this extreme paranoia he loses his temper very easily as well and snap out of the blue towards anyone, this can be his own colleagues too as well. In theory no one is really safe around him.
<div class="skapp1g">Seasalt- ## - GMT - Skype/C-Box/PM</div>

<div class="skapp1h"><a href="">SUMMER</a></div>
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