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 Rules, Rules
 Posted: Nov 18 2015, 12:10 PM

the rule book

Here you will find the rules of the site. make sure you stop here first and read these. they are important


Upon joining, please make sure you join with a first and last name. Do not use caps. When you join, you have 4 days to fill out the application. if you do not complete it within that time frame, it will be moved to stagnant bios and you will have to contact a staff member to get it back. . Being this is going to be a PG-13 site, ask that you consider what this means before joining. There is cursing allowed. once you fill out the application, you must wait to be accepted before you can begin roleplaying. In the meantime you are welcomed to post in the claims section to make sure you're FC is locked. do not post threads. WE ARE ONE ACCOUNT PER CHARACTER SITE. this means for each character you make you must make a new account. we have an easy access called switching accounts that can link to your account so it makes it easier switching. If you do not log into your account over two weeks it will be deleted to keep the site active.


we allow any kind of monster/creature here: vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, zombies, wendigo's, skinwalkers, hybrids, angels, demons, fairies, windigos, ghouls, shifters. if you wanna make a hybrid, thats fine it can be any combination of creature as long as you make sure you have a proper backstory behind it. We do not allow anime face claims. real people/celebrities only please. No masked vigilantes. we are not superhero roleplay. humans of course are allowed. We do allow any kind of supernatural being here. They can go in 'others' if they are not listed. Mentally challenged characters are welcomed as well. we are pretty liberal and laid back when it comes to the type of character. We do not have a character limit, however if you make more than 3 you must keep them all active.


Graphics are loved. signatures cannot exceed over the size of 500x400. Avatars can be 230px by 310 for the profile images. If you want to set up a shop and make graphics, we have a store where you are welcomed to set up a thread and begin making images. We do prefer sigs etc as we do like to see what your character looks like. Please make sure you check the face claim before anything to make sure that the celeb you want isn't taken already. TWINS are alright as well as already pregnant females. HOMOSEXUAL characters are allowed as well. if this bothers you please by all means pass us by.


Overall Rules: NO: GODMODDING, POWERPLAYING, If you have an issue with another member, please PM the admin so they can help you sort through things.we do not tolerate fighting in the cbox or fighting OOC overall. We do not tolerate sexual harassment, racial slurring, discrimination or any kind of disgusting behavior along those lines. We are a friendly place, that we want to keep active and welcoming to new members. If you break any of these rules, you will get a warning first. Second violation is a temporary ban for 3 days. A third infraction will be a permanent ban form the site forever. Inactive accounts will be deleted if there is no activity within two weeks. LURKERSWill not be tolerated either. if we see that the account will be deleted. You can have pets for your characters as well. can be any pet as long as its domesticated. We also do NOT TOLERATE RUDE BEHAVIOR or anyone criticizing someone's form of roleplaying. if you do not like the way someone posts, you have the right to move on and find someone else. but we do not tolerate rude behavior or anyone feeling bad about themselves here. we are a friendly site and aim to keep it that way.

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