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 Plot, Plot
 Posted: Nov 18 2015, 12:11 PM

Dig up the bones

leave the soul alone

Cromer, Maine. 2016

The Sleepy town of Cromer, Maine, has its secrets. one of its well known secrets is that there are supernaturals that call this place home. Among others. There are disappearances happening all over the town and no one seems to know why who...or even WHAT is doing this...

The humans are terrified of the supernaturals. People are terrified to leave their homes. Rumors are going around and everyone is on edge right now. Who can you trust? Fear seems to be gripping every single person in town that has now caused Cromer to be almost a ghost town. Curfews are in order.

Whoever or whatever is doing this now has Cromer in a grip of absolute fear. Unbeknownst to the towns folk, something dark and sinister lives among them. Are the supernaturals really responsible for the deaths? or is there something more sinister and older causing them? The lines between truth and assumptions are starting to become muddled and fuzzy. but the towns oldest superstition is starting to awaken...

Could this age old supestition be the cause of the disappearances? why sort of 'monster' lurks in the shadows? will the town be the same again?

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